Get Started

Get started with introductory lessons for your students.

Make Your First Project

Now that you joined Strawbees Classroom, you are ready to take the first step! Within the library, there are many resources to select. Listed in this guide are recommended resources to start. To help you stay on track, follow the facilitation guides prepared by expert teachers. Pick a 15-30 minute project in the form of a short lesson or activity, then assign to your students.

STEAM Building

micro:bit Robotics

Share With Students

Review this article on the general structure of a lesson resource and how share the instructions to students in the Assign Resources article.

Try an Extensive Lesson

Once you have had your first experience building introductory projects together, choose another lesson from the library of ready-to-use student resources. These lessons are extended, thematic guides with a starting duration of 45 minutes.

STEAM Building

STEAM Robotics - micro:bit