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    At Strawbees, we know that educators have enough on their plate so “Let's make STEAM learning easy!”

    Strawbees Classroom is our digital platform for teachers, designed by teachers. Get started with our easy-to-use resources, UK curricula aligned lessons and exciting student projects with little preparation time.

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    Unleash your creativity in the classroom with Strawbees! Hear it straight from the teachers themselves: “Our entire school was captivated!” Discover how Strawbees empower kids who think outside the box. Let's inspire the next generation of innovative thinkers together and join the Strawbees revolution! Watch the video to explore the endless possibilities with Strawbees.

    Our UK Curricula Aligned Resources

    Pocketful of ideas

    Take some inspiration for projects and designs with our Pocketful of Ideas. Explore over 100 ideas.

    Biome Building Course

    Travel through the luscious biomes of the world and create animals from each of these unique ecosystems. From the Arctic Tundra to the Tropical Rainforest. All aligned to the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence.

    MakeCode Coding Cards

    New to the micro:bit? Don't worry these step-by-step coding cards will have you coding in no time! Explore everything from changing the light colour to acting as a remote control.

    City Building Course

    Make our world a wonderful place! Explore different forms of sustainable energy from wind to solar to hydropower. Design a city and even automate a crane. All lessons are aligned to the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Excellence.