Want More “Aha!” Moments in Class?

    No matter your subject or experience in STEAM or STEM, Strawbees Classroom will get you started quicker than you can say “Eureka!” with fantastic student engagement from the first lesson.

    Listen to the Teachers!

    Teachers who use Strawbees always have great stories to tell. They see students of every age and ability learn, grow and improve. And the teachers grow too! Hear their stories to see why, “The whole school was curious!” and how “Strawbees creates opportunities for kids who see the world differently,” and plenty more.

    How Does It Work?

    You don’t need to be an expert in STEAM subjects. With Strawbees Classroom, all you need is to try a starter lesson with your students! Once you have had your first “Aha!” moment together, take your pick from an entire library of curriculum-aligned lessons, professional development, and student-facing materials that cater to different abilities and age ranges. Ready to go full STEAM ahead?

    Save Time

    Choose from our ever-growing library of ready-to-use courses and lessons. To help you stay on track, follow the facilitation guides prepared by expert teachers. Less prep work for you, more fun for everyone.


    Our lessons match Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core, and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (and more coming!) for easy assessment. No more struggling to integrate STEAM into your lesson planning.

    Professional Development

    Getting into STEAM can seem complex. But we’ve got you covered! With our onboarding guides, extensive webinars, articles, and training sessions, you’ll know exactly how to start and what to do next.

    Proven Hands-On Methodology

    Every student has their own natural strengths and talents. Strawbees can help you draw these out. Our hands-on system makes STEAM accessible for beginners and promotes learning agency. With no rules, no restrictions, or wrong turns, kids can get started immediately, enjoy themselves, and explore deeper levels of understanding with each project.

    About Strawbees

    We are an award-winning Swedish EdTech company, here to inspire the next generation of inventors. With our building and coding systems, and proven hands-on methodology, teachers worldwide are seeing student engagement soar. Regardless of age or ability, our ecosystem of STEAM learning tools is ideal for developing creative confidence and problem-solving skills of kids everywhere.

    Dream, create, learn, repeat!

    ‘High educational quality’ and ‘proven to promote efficient learning’, as approved by the Education Alliance Finland. Thank you!

    Inspired by Mitch Resnick’s amazing work at MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten, everything we make and do at Strawbees is about helping teachers help students develop creative thinking skills.