Teacher Stories

    Teachers who use Strawbees always have great stories to tell.

    We talk a lot about how Strawbees boosts creativity across all age groups and educational needs. Here, you can hear from the teachers who make it happen. On why their students love Strawbees and the many ways they benefit. Listen to some great anecdotes on how Strawbees helps other teachers too across the greater hands-on learning and STEAM community. Because at Strawbees being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves.


    Personal Stories

    Listen to the stories from each teacher to see why, “The whole school was curious!” and how “Strawbees creates opportunities for kids who see the world differently,” and plenty more.

    Abigail Yancey

    English as a Second Language Teacher, North Carolina, US

    Strawbees did change how I view education in a very good way, and myself as a teacher. It's a message that I want to get out to more teachers and students.

    Brian Jones

    Science Teacher, California, US

    One of the things I think is forgotten with coding, and why I like Strawbees so much, is the physical computing side, the designing side of the computing.

    Chris Colley

    Educational Consultant with LEARN, Quebec, Canada

    Straws can transform lives. It can be that simple. The tools that we bring in, we don't know how it's going to affect kids. But every kid finds their way through something that is common in straws.

    Christine Laurent

    Educator & Founder of Dawn of Imagination, Quebec, Canada

    I show them little ways of doing things and you can see the lightbulb is coming on as they're starting to get more and more creative.

    Fongyee Ng

    Artist / Educator at Saturday Kids, Japan

    I think for preschoolers, being exposed to something like Strawbees is really incredible for their creativity and imagination.

    Janine Chehade

    Music Project Officer, Right To Play, Lebanon

    What was amazing is that the children led the whole process from A to Z. They were able to really envision what the Strawbees constructions was going to look like.

    Mrunal Shah

    Founder - Sunday Bricks, India

    Getting the young kids glued for 45 minutes of remote session is fun! Because if they enjoy it they're going to sit, and if they don't, they'll be running around.

    Ryne Anthony

    Director of Innovation Fluxspace, Pennsylvania, US

    We usually do a lot design thinking and empathy and we have them prototype something that would make someones life better.

    Sharee Pfaff

    M.S. Maker Ed. Facilitator, Mariners Christian School, US

    Those kids who see the world so differently, and their experiences in the classroom is not always positive, that gives them an opportunity to get positive attention.

    Sam Yancey

    Gifted Ed Teacher, North Carolina, US

    Kids and teachers in other classes would stop what they were doing during recess just to see what we were creating with Strawbees! The whole school was curious!