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    Strawbees and Makey Makey Mashup

    Strawbees + Makey Makey Mashup

    Build a chain reaction with Makey Makey, Strawbees, and Scratch programming!

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    Watch our hands-on playinar 'Makey Makey and Strawbees Mashup' - it was epic! We found the #RoundtheWorld_ChainReaction Challenge to be a great encouragement to keep learning through play at home and a fun way to connect your ideas with the global community! Grab a Makey Makey, Strawbees, some household materials, and join the fun chain reactions.

    Applying the ideas learned from this webinar is best suited for teachers working with students ages 8-14.

    MIT Scratch Programming

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    Listed are professional learning pages to help you continue your learning on how to implement the contents of this webinar into everyday teaching strategies.