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    Product Introduction

    Sustainability Station

    Sustainability Station

    Produce unlimited Strawbees connectors with any found material in your household or classroom.

    United States 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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    Use any plastic waste to create your own set of connectors, making the perfect sustainable building toy creator. The Sustainability Station is a durable hand-operated machine that will last for many years and make precise connectors shapes for you to create your own set. The dies will cut through cardboard, chipboard, plastic sheets and more with ease. The sides also fold up, giving you more room to work when the machine is not in use.


    Teacher Support

    The Sustainability Station is a tool not to be used as-is on its own, and rather as an add-on tool for existing student resources in the Classroom.

    We want to rethink the usage of cardboard boxes, food carton packaging, bamboo plates, and plastic shampoo bottles from one-time, single use and instead repurpose them. Use these upcycled materials to move toward responsible production and consumption for student’s project creation. Creating a set of connectors gives you autonomy over material type to make lightweight builds or produce thicker, rigid pieces and build projects from them depending on your needs. Use the guide below with any lesson in Strawbees Classroom.

    Sustainability Station Guide