Want to win a prize? It’s easy, just enter your project in our monthly Twitter challenge.

    Monthly Challenge

    Join this month's challenge by selecting a challenge card or another challenge from the Pocketful of Ideas card deck*. These challenges are a great way to engage students in STEAM, facilitate collaborative learning in groups, and spark creativity and problem-solving!

    *Included in STEAM School Kit

    How to Enter

    Share your students' projects* on Twitter until the last day of the month, end of the day using #StrawbeesChallenge and @Strawbees!

    Although the ground rule is to use Strawbees products, we encourage you to combine them with other existing learning tools and materials!

    Let's start creating! 💫

    *No faces of kids in photos or videos, please.

    Monthly Prize!

    Every month we announce the monthly winners of the #strawbeeschallenge. The prizes are stickers for the entire class and a Strawbees t-shirt for the teacher.

    Pocketful of Ideas Challenges

    #StrawbeesChallenge tweets

    Congratulations to all the teachers & students who participated and submitted their projects - see for yourself how students got their ideas out of their minds into the physical world in a simple, creative, and fast way!