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Getting Started: Coding & Robotics with Quirkbot

Getting Started: Coding & Robotics with Quirkbot

Get started with Quirkbot’s coding and robotics projects into everyday teaching.

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Whether you are an elementary school teacher, technology integration specialist, or librarian, this webinar is for anyone wanting to get a first look at what’s inside the Coding & Robotics with Quirkbot kit. No previous experience needed! Learn about the possibilities of assembling the Quirkbot’s hardware and the electronic components pieces with the connectors and straws.

Then create a program starting with the coding cards in Strawbees CODE together with Lindsay and Paulo. After entering their basic program, they made their way into programming the robot racer.

Applying the ideas learned from this webinar is best suited for teachers working with students ages 8-14.

Below are resources referenced in the webinar.

Quirkbot Guide
Quirkbot Block Coding Cards
Strawbees CODE

Questions and Answers

Do you have any tips for keeping the servo arm more secure and attached to the motor?

The kit comes with a tiny screwdriver to fit the screw inside the servo motor. This will prevent the Strawbees servo arm from falling off.

Can you download files that were saved online?

Absolutely, you can export the files. Create a program, save it as a file on your computer.

How easy is it to share code with students?

Yes exactly, easy way to share files, then import it from there or share link - go on file, share link!

Will text-based coding ever support Python coding?

Not currently.

If the Quirkbot works with Scratch, I wonder if it could ever be added as an extension on the Scratch website?

Use the Quirkbot to control a Scratch program, you can combine both worlds, fun!

Where do we learn more about sine in/out cubic in/out, quad in/out, etc?

There is documentation in the works soon. Paulo shared an example from this Easings site. Those equations on Quirkbot are the same ones as you see here!

Will the Coding & Robotics with Quirkbot Kit in the future include the 360-degree rotation servo? Currently, I think we still need to get them separately, is that still the case?

Currently is to sell the 360-degree rotation servo separately at this spare parts page.

Is it safe to use the Quirkbot with other LEDs than the one that Strawbees supplies? 

Yes you can use regular/ other LEDs.

Can you attach multiple LEDs to an arm, leg, or horn on the Quirkbot?

Experiment! You can’t program multiple things on one arm or leg, conflict. Let us know though.

Will Strawbees add coding cards for flow or text-based programs?

Yes, they are in process.

I would like to learn more about combining Quirkbot with Arduino, where can I get more info?

Check out the Quirkbot Arduino Library here and at this page

Will the code editor have an offline version in the future? There are many learners from low-income households that do not have access to the internet. In some cases, they do have on-loan laptops from their schools, so having an offline editor would really be helpful for them.

Yes we do! We have an offline app for this purpose found here.  

Does Quirkbot support RGB LEDs?

The back of the Quirkbot you have extra pins that are addressable. If you are talking about neo pixels you could but you would start needing more support components. You would need something to up the voltage. Not something to start with!

Do you ship to Bermuda? (Or anywhere)

Please send an email to and we will help you!