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    Lesson Structure and Assigning Resources

    Lesson Structure and Assigning Resources

    Review the sections of lesson and how to assign resources to students with a link or through learning management systems.


    Student resources are learning materials to be easily distributed and assigned with the click of a button. These resources are in the form of a lesson, activity models with building instructions, and explorations following a creative design process.

    Teacher and Student View

    Assign any of the student resources found in the library through a learning management system such as Google Classroom or simply share a link. Lesson resources also come with downloadable assets to be distributed before, during, or after the session is concluded.

    Earthquake Simulator lesson uses a shake table to simulate different magnitudes of earthquakes programmed by the Robotic Inventions board for micro:bit with 2 views. There is the teacher’s view of the Earthquake Simulator lesson of notes and preparation materials reserved for planning and facilitation purposes. When ready to teach with the resource, assign the lesson to your students through a learning management system or share as a link. After assigning, in the student-facing view curriculum standards, compatible products, or prior knowledge and preparation is hidden.