Resource Guide

    Extensive guide on the categories of resources throughout Strawbees Classroom.


    Student Resources

    Student resources are learning materials to be easily distributed and assigned with the click of a button. These resources are in the form of a lesson, activity models with building instructions, and explorations following a creative design process.


    Thematic and guided experience.

    • Researched and written comprehensive guides with complimenting media. 
    • Clear learning objectives and curriculum aligned.
    • Building instructions. 
    • Assets in the form of a graphic organizer for assessment and templates for building.
    • Open-ended challenges for finished projects. 
    • External resources sourced to dive deeper into subjects after.


    Project models with building instructions. 

    • Building instructions.
    • Assets with templates for building.
    • Open-ended challenges for finished projects.


    Open-ended, inspirational resources following an iterative and creative design process. 

    • Video episodes demonstrating the start to the end of an advanced project’s process.
    • Project documentation with no instructions.
    • Assets with templates for building.
    • Continue learning with links to similar student resources.

    Resource Collection

    There are curated collections of student resources by similar themes or topics in the form of courses and channels.


    Curated feeds of news, featured student resources, and articles for teachers authored by Strawbees and education partners.

    Teacher Support

    To provide support for teachers and educators alike there are professional learning articles, onboarding, and guides to lift barriers on using the building materials, technologies, and instructional methods with Strawbees in your classroom.


    Professional learning articles on instructional methods and support in how to use Strawbees.


    Playful professional learning webinars for teachers to engage with Strawbees teachers.

    Product Introduction Pages

    A page dedicated to collecting all student resources, teacher support articles, and appropriate materials to a specific product.