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STEAM Classroom Robotics - Quirkbot

STEAM Classroom Robotics - Quirkbot

Transform your projects into interactive robots using Quirkbot for the classroom.

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Learn creative coding and building with the classroom set of Quirkbots. Make a walker, a blinking star, or a pig shake in fear when it senses darkness. Connect to the computer, code, and upload a program that can tell your invention to move, blink, or both. The Quirkbot has a rechargeable battery and can be removed from the computer to let your project come alive in the real world.

You can learn how to program in three different ways: flow, block, and C++ text designed for all levels of experience. The Strawbees CODE app works offline on Windows & Mac OS and directly from the browser on Chromebooks.

An article and guide on creating a set of precut straw sizes from this kit is here.